Win With Smile – Creating Happy India

Win With Smile – Creating Happy India

Lado ki Aawaz Foundation’s happiness program will take all children and youth for a better world, spirit of love among people of society and encourage people for better job opportunities in all sectors and a relationship between worker and owner of company.

The program will be launched in different part of country, urban areas and slum areas to encourage more and more people for their participation in work, security of life and building a developed nation.

Happiness Lessons Programme under the umbrella of “Science of Happiness

Induction of new programs for happiness lesson in schools / colleges / office and public sectors, signl a welcome concern with children / youth and elders well being. With the help of program, Happiness is a scientifically unwidely form and its lesson involves dissolving the term into at least three distinct and better defined routes to happiness

a) Positive emotion and pleasure
b) Engagement (the engaged life)
c) Meaningful life

Two points program will make the life happier

  • Relationship :- Productive relationship with other children/ youth and elderly will create a healthy atmosphere in the society. It is important that my partnership is constructive relationship that cause conflict should be resolved or avoided.
  • Self control :- One should not live accidentally. Avoid a person who blames their misfortune on every thing around them. Take charge of direction of life and actively shape it by making positive choices. Public education influences the ethical environment which has an important bearing on the nature and quality of education.

Happiness Workshops are carried out in Schools, Colleges, Workplaces etc

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