About Us

About Us

Lado ki Aawaz Foundation is committed to bring holistic development among marginalised girls, women and elderly senior citizens by providing them food, nutrition, health support, social activities and engagements to live a healthy life in the slum communities as well as empowering children, women and senior citizens through our various initiatives such as Anna Rasoi, Community First, I care India, T20 – Sports, Kalasangam and Lado ki Aawaz Magazine for Women Empowerment.

Empowerment refers to increasing the spiritual, social or economic strength of individuals and communities. It often involves the empowered developing confidence in their own capacities. Empowerment can be attained through one or many ways. An important factor in the discovery and application of the human “self empowerment” lies within the tools used to unveil the truth.

Our Projects

Social Welfare initiatives by Lado Ki Aawaz Foundation for upliftment of deprived and neglected girls, women, widows, orphans, divyang, migrant labours and their children who are at high social & economic risk.

Anna Rasoi – Food For All

Lado Ki Aawaz – Magazine for Women Empowerment

Win With Smile – Creating Happy India – Inspirational & Motivational Workshops

Community First – Slum Seva Kendra
a) I Care India – Senior Citizens Welfare Program
b) T20 – Sports for All
c) Kalasangam– Music, Dance, Art & Culture for underprivileged Children & Women


Empowering slum communities through food, nutrition and social welfare programs to fight poverty, hunger and malnutrition among marginalised children, women and neglected elderly senior citizens.


  • Food for the Poor & Needy Hungry Children, Orphans, Divyang, Widows & Neglected Senior Citizens & Ration Bank  
  • To remove all the inequalities faced by the girl children of the society.
  • To make certain that every girl child is getting proper respect and value in the society.
  • To ensure that the girl children are getting their rights in the community.
  • To work against declining girl child sex ratio in India and change the people’s mind  about the girl child.
  • To initiate couple’s interest towards the girl child by increasing awareness about the importance and role of girl child.
  • To address the girl children issues associated to their health, respect, education and nutrition etc.
  • To propagate  gender equality among people.

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